cornealsequestrumCorneal sequestrum is a condition peculiar to cats, and especially the Persian breed. It is associated with dying and degeneration of the outer layer of the cornea. This death and degeneration frequently extends to the deeper layers of the cornea and can result in perforation in severe cases. Often ulceration and blood vessel infiltration is associated with sequestrum development.


The exact cause is unknown. The most recent research shows that Feline herpesvirus infection is the most likely cause. Trauma and chronic irritation may also result in sequestrum development. Clinical signs include blinking, squinting, tearing and a raised, central dark brown to black plaque of dead corneal tissue.


By far the best treatment option is to remove the dead plaque from the cornea by keratectomy. If the lesion is superficial, then post-operative topical drugs will be required, whereas if the lesion is deep, then a conjunctival graft is used to give the delicate cornea more support during the healing phase. The latter is the more frequently required.


At the time of consultation with the veterinary ophthalmologist he/she will decide what is the most appropriate treatment option for your cat.