Uveitis means inflammation of the vascular-rich part of the eye. Most cases seen clinically involve the front parts of the eye, namely the iris and ciliary body. Inflammation in the eye is an extremely common problem and can be due to many causes. These include bacterial, viral, protozoal, immune-mediated and traumatic causes; and also other conditions such as cataracts and cancers within the eye. Some cases result from unknown causes and are termed idiopathic.


Inflammation in the eye is seen clinically as an inflamed iris and the fluid in the eye may become hazy. The most common typical signs seen at home may be severe tearing, spasm of the eyelids, photophobia and a very red eye.


Uveitis is a serious condition that can have dramatic consequences leading to blindness or glaucoma should it be left unattended. Early presentation to the veterinary ophthalmologist is advised as early diagnosis and management very often is required in order to prevent further damage to the eye.